Security Awareness Training

No organization is immune to Cybersecurity attacks and breaches. Breaches, denial of service, ransomware are increasing rapidly, affecting all organizations and individuals. The types of attacks are diverse, constantly changing and extremely damaging. Technology based solutions have never been enough to protect an organization and maintain the trust of its customers. The root cause of many of the sensational breaches that have been in the news has been a breakdown in human behavior. Whether its clicking on the wrong link, failing to maintain key systems patched, erroneously using personal email accounts for business, individuals, at all levels, play a critical role in an organization’s overall security.

Staying ahead of the latest threats requires a more dynamic security culture. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) builds Cyber-savvy cultures and capabilities.

Our ERMProtect™ – Cyber eAwareness platform serves as the foundation for transforming organizational Cybersecurity acumen and culture that can adapt and anticipate different forms of attacks that target human vulnerability. Our platform helps organizations mature their awareness capabilities. We can help you improve or operate your entire program. Our service offerings range from strategy, information security assessment, calibrations, to full blown training delivery and campaign management.

Cyber eAwareness Learning Platform

ERMProtect™ is a modern, mobile first, engaging and intuitive Cybersecurity eLearning platform. This platform integrates our first-class security awareness content with a robust, web-based learning management system. ERMProtect™ enables managers to track employees’ progress and create comprehensive reports to measure usage, engagement and competency.

Cybersecurity Awareness Culture, Capability & Acumen

Your organizational culture, capability and acumen play a significant role in the determination of whether your organization will be in the next data breach headline. Understanding the culture, and addressing culture challenges and acumen gaps is a proven approach to improve Cybersecurity in the organization. Many programs assume what the employees need training on. We help you “know” where training and what kind of training is needed today.

Culture & Acumen Assessment

Our Cyber-savvy survey measures your organization’s Cybersecurity awareness culture, capability and acumen – overall, by department, by level, by topic. ERM’s custom assessment can help you answer questions such as: How strong is your current security culture? Are your employees prepared to fend off a cyber-attack? What type of training does your organization need to improve your Cybersecurity awareness? What security messages are ineffective or stale? The assessments serve to benchmark an organization and measure improvement providing real metrics on the effectiveness of your training program.

Breach Readiness

How prepared is your organization for a cyber breach today? ERM utilizes the same techniques as hackers and cyber criminals use to target your employees. Through our active breach readiness campaigns, we will attempt to gain access to your systems and data and put your employees through a real test of their abilities. Our Breach Readiness program is used to reinforce security training both individually and at an organizational level.

Cybersecurity Awareness Benchmarks & Annual Report

ERM benchmarks your organization against itself and others. ERM publishes an annual “State of Cybersecurity Awareness” report. This report focused on Cybersecurity patterns and trends across industries and will enable your organization to be on the forefront of emerging Cybersecurity threats and trends. You will be able to measure the return on your investment through tracking and measurement of the benchmarks.

Customized Training Content and Delivery

Leveraging our expertise and experience in Cybersecurity, we have developed a wide array of engaging security awareness content. We offer whiteboard videos, security awareness tips and tricks, and customized training courses for C level executives, board members, technical staff and general staff. The material can be customized for different industries (e.g., banking, retail, healthcare, insurance, government). We can deliver the training via content only, webinar, training sessions and workshops.

Videos, Job Aids, Workshops and Games

We all have different ways that we enjoy learning. Cybersecurity is no different. Through our partnership with higher education institutions, we have developed different techniques and approaches for developing and delivery content that will engage your employees. We make learning fun while getting the job done.

Cybersecurity Program Design and Content Development

Integrated Cybersecurity awareness campaigns are vital to build and maintain a Cyber-aware culture. ERM can design or help you design your campaign. Sample campaign components include letters from the CEO, town hall meetings, tips and tricks, eLearning and in-person training sessions, social engineering tests, games, and more. ERM can also lead the implementation via several methods (advisory, on-site part time, full-time program management office).

Year-Round Cybersecurity Campaigns

Our assessment and understanding of your culture and learning deficits are used to plan 12 months of Cybersecurity training that varies in approach, content and engagement. We work with your communications team on establishing a 12-month schedule that spreads training throughout the year versus the obligatory annual training.

Security Awareness Training Video

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