Cybersecurity Awareness Training Approach

ERM has devised a unique method of security awareness training to change the way security awareness training is done and goes beyond the traditional once-a-year training designed to meet compliance requirements.

We believe that the modern-day employee is like a customer who needs to be “sold” the concept of security awareness in an engaging and involving manner. If employees taking security awareness training are convinced and feel a sense of ownership, they then become the “human firewalls” who will protect their organization.

This belief has led to ERM developing an approach and methodology to train employees to defend against the threats of today and anticipate unknown threats in the future.

Our approach is a full lifecycle approach:

  1. Assess culture and employee knowledge – Establish a baseline
  2. Calibrate and prioritize training plans based on the established baseline
  3. Deliver training via our online portal
  4. Re-measure culture and knowledge – Measure results
  5. Re-calibrate and prioritize training

Our full lifecycle approach is designed to measure results without waiting for a cybersecurity event to determine if employees are prepared and aware for cybersecurity threats.

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Our Style

Whiteboard Animation

Take a look at what we are really talking about below!

ERM's whiteboard animation security awareness videos are an innovative alternative to boring security awareness training products available in the market today. One of the things arguably all of us learned as children was to pick up a pencil and draw – and did we not enjoy that!

ERM uses whiteboard animation technique to drive points home about information security prudence, responsible behavior, and overall information security awareness on issues and topics that employees may not be aware of.

Our whiteboard animation videos are perfect even for employees who are in a position of authority and decision-making such as CEOs, Presidents, and Members of the Board of Directors. The videos are short (around 5 minutes each) and so they’re great in terms of training attention while at the same time driving the point home effectively.

Take a look at what we are really talking about below!

Take a look at what we are really talking about below!

Lecture Courses

Take a look at what we are really talking about below!

ERM also offers lecture style courses for learners who prefer a more traditional format. Each course is comprised of a series of short lectures covering various topics of the course.

The short lecture design, each covering a topic within a few minutes, will quickly expose your employees to different aspects of the course topic without being overloaded with technical jargon.

Participants will learn about the core concepts and other important information in a clear and concise fashion so that the topic can be easily understood.

Check it out for yourself and watch one of our lecture on Social Engineering Fundamentals!



Our experts have developed and are tirelessly developing an extensive library of training topics including but not limited to:

  • Phishing Security
  • Email Security
  • Security during Mergers and Acquisitions
Universal Platform

ERM uses Bridge, which is a mobile first, all-in-one eLearning platform that can be accessed from any device. The platform adjusts to all devices for the optimal user experience. Bridge has a built-in notification system to remind users about lesson progress and due dates via email.

Managed Service

Not enough time to implement your cybersecurity awareness plan? Not a problem, our team of experts will work with you to create a plan that meets your needs. Allowing your organization to solely focus on learning.

Course Updates

All users will gain access to any updates or new courses that our team develops. This way, your organization will not have to worry about having access to the most up-to-date material and instead focus on raising cybersecurity awareness.

Security Quizzes

Our dynamic quizzes do more than just raising cybersecurity awareness. With our LMS, managers are able to see individual and cumulative reports as one metric of the programs effectriveness.

The reports also allow us to plan targeted training to different users to ensure that users are receiving the information they need.


The ERMProtect™ team will aid in the implementation, solve any issues that arise and respond in a timely manner.

Our support page includes several guides that will walk users through the basics and provide immediate answers to an array of questions that may arise.

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User Management and Reporting

ERM's platform offers robust user management and reporting.


Whether you wish for the UI to use your logo and color schemes or your organization requires specific subjects to be covered. Our experts will work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

Our experts will gain a deep understanding of the client organization, the prevailing security awareness levels at the organization, the areas that need improvement, the areas of strength that can be leveraged and the overall security awareness “health” of the organization and its employees.

Once this is complete, our experts will design a fully customized cybersecurity awareness program with the various components as required and deemed fit.

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Social Engineering Assessments

During this assessment, ERM professionals with the approval of the client will use non-technical social engineering techniques to obtain physical access and escalate privileges in the technical environment. ERM shall use Social Engineering methods to coerce or dupe Help Desk, network/system administrators, and other personnel as ERM deems appropriate.

Social Engineering Methods use coercion and manipulation via a variety of attack scenarios.

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Social Engineering

Full Range of Security Services

ERM is a cybersecurity firm that can go beyond cybersecurity awareness training and perform a variety of services including strategy, assessments, remediation, implementation, and digital forensics.

ERM can go beyond cybersecurity awareness training and perform a variety of services including strategy, assessments, remediation, implementation, and digital forensics.

With our expertise, our team can analyze your organizations security by conducting a comprehensive security assessment, test your network security with penetration and vulnerability testing and simulate social engineering attacks to identify areas of weakness that need to be corrected.

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Reinforcement Materials

Security Awareness White Papers, Articles and Newsletters

ERM's team of experts will create white papers, articles or newsletters for clients who wish to provide these to employees as part of a comprehensive security awareness drive. Readers of ERM’s whitepapers, articles, and newsletters will know that they are learning security best practices they can take advantage of in both their personal and professional lives. Our goal in creating these documents is to inform employees and about security issues, hot topics, current affairs, precautions, and pretty much anything under the sun that is critical to know given the most current cyber-security threat landscape. The short, engaging, and informal tone of these documents will ensure that employees look forward to reading these and gaining security awareness insights from them.

Security Seminars

The ERM team will develop and deliver a comprehensive security awareness seminar for client organization employees. The seminar will cover current threats and risks in the security landscape and provide best practices to equip employees in protecting the organization’s information.

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